France, a land of asylum? Archikubik in L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui No-412

The following text is an extract of an article published in « L`Architecture Aujourd`hui » n·412 in which  Carmen Santana expressed one of her thoughts about the work of foreign architects in France.

« One could be revolted but can only point out that today, public money is rare ; I find  interresting, in this context, that the City of Paris is willing to carry some programs and to preserve public spaces. This is pushing the private projects to the same scale as large public projects, and this is leading to more consideration from project managers towards architects. ». In Carmen Santana`s view, because of these new types of contracts, nothing will ever be done as before. « In this precise case, we`ve been very far, maybe too much, in the mix of types, but that is what we`ve claimed for years. A more sensitive city, and a better shared one, is a path to follow. In each of our projects, we tempted to push new ideas forwards, one by poject, and it`s finally making sense. Numerous French representatives are opened to it. ». Very critical, but maybe more enthousiastic than French architects, foreign ones appreciate French exceptions which are seen as constraints from inside and as challenges from outside. »

The picture represents the Reversible Parking Saint Roch, built by Archikubik, in Montpellier.