Participation of Archikubik to an open debate on the subject of « Context and materials : use and re-use », Barcelona

On March 7th, 2017 Archikubik participated to an open debate at the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona. In this exchange of experiences and ideas, many subjects where tackled such as history, heritage, the relation between the constructed and the non-constructed context, how the re-use of the found items is an act of memory but also a response to the current aesthetic.

This debate took place in the framework of the exposition « Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice, la arquitectura más allá de los arquitectos », exposition that displays the material developed for the Catalonian Pavillion in the 2016 Edition of the Venice Biennale.


With the participation of  NUA arquitectures, Anna et Eugeni Bach, Flores et Prats.

Context i materials : ús i re-ús