The Reversible Saint Roch Parking in Montpellier has won the German Design Award 2018

The Reversible Saint Roch Parking in Montpellier, France, has won the Excellent Communications Design Urban Space and Infrastructure 2018 prize, which is annually awarded by the German Design Award.


The new multistorey parking is located at the heart of Montpellier. Acting as a structural link between the pedestrian areas of the Place de la Comédie and Saint-Roch railway station, this parking illustrates the concept of private participatory space (pps), the common appropriation of private spaces as a natural continuation of the dynamics of public space. Furthermore, it integrates the time vector in architecture with a view to the future.

Jury statement

This interesting façade pattern echoes the colours of the environs, endowing the building with a very striking identity; moreover, the pattern blends harmoniously with the surroundings. The light that falls in the interstitial spaces creates a fascinating interplay between light and shadow.