ACTIVLINK ○ Gennevilliers

Mixed block, commercial, sport & recreational facilities, 111 hotel rooms, permaculture

International Réinventons la Métropole du Grand Paris Competition Finalist

Gennevilliers, France

Located at the head of a developed urban operation on three parcels, this building configures the ¨bow¨ of the Activlink project. Building signal of urban agriculture, the aim is to stretch the Pastoral Garden to intersect crossroads through a ¨topographic roof¨. With the introduction of a green facade with climbing plants, flowers, and trees, the roof consists of vegetation all the way from the ground floor to the top of the building. This roof consists of urban vegetable gardens, exposing the landscape character of the building. In elevation, the building is cut into two volumes, which allows for a more fragmented reading the project, and introduces a more friendly, human scale. The ground floor in concrete banché wood, provides a natural language. It is textured as strips, like a kind of clothing, by using wooden logs of different dimensions punctuating openings that ensure commercial continuity all around the parcel to provide an active and living public space.

As a hybrid building its program is of a very different nature and its particularities are respected in terms of complexity around a common idea: mutualization. Thus, they are merged to create and dynamize spaces of touch, which are transformable with a usage of 7/24/365. Innovative uses on a metropolitan scale are introduced: a drones and augmented reality center with a 9m room height in connection with a new generation hotel incorporating conference rooms. Other combined local programs are offered: a supermarket, a fitness center, and local shops which produce and sell products from the vegetable gardens and from nearby municipalities.

The complexity of the uses led to the choice of a concrete post-beam structural system: a simple and flexible system capable of responding to different programs by unifying their specific characteristics. Modular filling facades and a clear height of more than 2.80m, which ensures the reversibility of the building, allowing the rationalization of the interior spaces to adapt to future possible uses of the building.

Location: Gennevilliers, France • Client: Imestia, Linkcity • Team: Architects: Archikubik, Makan Rafatdjou, O-S Architectes • BET: EPDC, Veritas, Jardin de Gally, Théorème Ingénierie, Frank Boutté • Consultant: Respublica, C. Luxembourg, A.Bourdin • Program: Mixed, commercial, sport & recreational facilities, 111 hotel rooms, permaculture • Surface: 12.507m2 • Phase: International Réinventons la Métropole du Grand Paris Competition Finalist

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