Housings and shops

Ampolla, Spain

Over the past few years Ampolla, a fishing city of 3 000 inhabitants, has experienced a significant upsurge in urban growth. This housing project is located in a developing area parallel to the sea, between the railway lines and the road. The new buildings stand in a newly created square, and are characterised by balconies that offer all the homes an outdoor space. The idea is to revalue public space starting from the private space of the balconies. The strategy consists in transforming the three buildings with the same L-shaped concrete balconies into light boxes capable of revitalising the surrounding urban space so it may overcome its shortcomings. Initially without a name, the square has been christened as ‘the square with the bright balconies’.

Location : Ampolla, Tarragona, Espagne Maître d’Ouvrage : Meligo Sol ● ARCHIKUBIK ● Team : BET structure : Eskubi-Turro Architectes BET fluides : PROEN Economiste : GQS ● Program : 36 logements, 2 locaux commerciaux, 56 places de parking en deux niveaux de sous-sol ● Surface SDP : 5.549m » ● Cost : 4.990.000euros ● Phase : livré