Barcelona, Spain

The library´s building is meant to create a positive impact on its environment, to “stretch” the Born neighborhood towards the sea and to settle a relationship between the Parc de la Ciutadella and the Gare de France historic building.

Technically, the building works in a very simple way which allows the respect of all current technical regulations. As a result, its structure is very compact, easy to maintain given that all the facades are treated with concrete DUCTAL, an innovative material which performance is not only mechanical but also tied to the resistance it confers. Its resistance is similar to those of metallic and plastic structures because of the thin grain texture of the material that gives an entirely waterproof concrete without requiring any maintenance. Thanks to this fibre concrete, the metallic fittings are not anymore exposed to the corrosion phenomenon linked to the carbonation process that usually affects traditional metals. It confers a greater durability to the whole structure.

The organic organization of the library, with different volumes, leads to a more rational management of the energy productions. It facilitates the operations of zoning and energetic sectorization of the building according to the intensity of the different uses. As a whole, the volumes will be perfectly isolated and the glazed zones are protected from solar radiations as they are never directly facing south.

The spatial organization and the structural logic of the project offer a great freedom in the program´s distribution at different levels, minimizing the circulation zones. This conception is an optimization of the ratio between useful space and constructed space, which thusly reduces the total cost.

The building´s integration in its environment is meant to do the synthesis between the urban tissue of the Born neighborhood, the systematic logic of Barceloneta´s bare thread and the reference to the outline of l`Esanche de Barcelone. The concrete facades will be treated according to a vegetal pattern – representing the image of tree trunks – imitating the tree-filled spaces of the nearby Parc de la Ciutadella. For this purpose, the process of the concrete graphic will be implemented, based on the use of a paper membrane especially treated that will be applied on the formwork will allow transposing the chosen pattern directly on the concrete surface. That way, the concrete is not anymore perceived as a featureless and cold material, it is transformed into an organic and vegetal surface.