Paris, France

The operational principle of the façade relies on the creation of a “servicing fringe” of 0,80m of thickness at north and at south of the building. It will enable us, first to give some depth to the main facades’ lines, in livening them up and producing some day/night kinetic effects, then to incorporate some furniture such as wardrobe or sofa and finally to offer the possibility of a technic linear stripe for the flows.

The time vector and the reversibility of the building are thusly guaranteed, allowing in a near future, to transform the northern façade – if a pacification of the Périphérique road occurs –   into urban balconies and the investment of the southern façade´s thickness, in case of changes in the building program.

Thus, thanks to a same constructive system, two types of filters are planned for the façade: some mirrors emphasizing the great Parisian landscape on the Périphérique´s side, and some light yellow webs on the block´s inside that will create a filter against the undesirable views from the rooms.

From an architectural perspective the aim of this division, more than the urban integration previously described, is also programmatic: the building of integration´s spaces between the residents that would allow them to meet, discuss, smoke, breathe, and enjoy the sunny weather… For this purpose, the walkways – initially as a technical pretext for connecting the fire exits – offer different sizes, favorable for the installation of benches, outdoor sofas and plentiful vegetation.