EVANGILE ○ Paris 18ème

2 nurseries + 26 housings

Paris, France


The landscape as infrastucture : garden over garden

In a structured but sparse tissue, the project is incorporated in a mixed block, mostly composed of equipment services, open to the Place Hebert at South and aligned with the Rachmaninov Square at North. The parcel is located at the corner of the Evangile street and the Paul Robin Square.

Meanwhile the building is usually established in the North and West alignment, Tristan Tzara street and Fillettes street, in the South the programs seem to have been settled in a big garden open to the Place Hebert.

This is a beautiful site, with a strong landscape pattern, in a sparse tissue from the 70s, made of public equipment in the middle of gardens, such as the Ecole Maternelle Tchaïkovski at North, and the Piscine Hebert at West.

The Paul Robin Square is a great surprise, very clear and green, it is a haven of peace in the city. Our intention will be to preserve this green frame and to accentuate it, while conserving the trees at South and positioning the building towards North, thusly opening to a beautiful garden in the square´s continuation. The project will be implemented in a sensitive way within the site, without hurting the neighbours nearby.

The building is established at the corner of the Evangile street and the Tchaïkovski street until the North-East limit of separation, and is stretched in the depth of the parcel, parallel to the preschool. It thusly forms an L, made of two volumes separated with a fault enabling, on the one hand to be well included in the surrounding building´s morphology and to minimize its presence; and enabling on the other hand to lean on a suspended street serving the homes, which will allow the sunlight to irrigate the different floors, playing with the volumetry and filtering the light on the school´s side.

The building´s main body, with a large South exposition, goes beyond the North-West limits, filling the void created by the preschool playground. Its highest point is at R+6, at the corner of two channels before progressively stretching at the contact of the adjacent parcels, minimizing the solar masks on the free spaces and the existing facades while respecting the enveloping curves. A 2m setback from the limit of separation with the school enables to have secondary views to the volumetry in R+5.

All the roof are vegetated in order to actively participate to the reinforcement of the existintg green frame and we will find, on the R+5 housings´ roof, a shared vegetable garden dedicated to the residents.

The compactness of the whole and the superposition of the programs enable us to release a free surface of 905m” on the ground, that is 120% more surface than the ruling standards. Urban children, countryside souls!

Those free spaces are closed from the street thanks to an “active fringe” type of fence that allows the leaning of sometimes a bench, sometimes a plantation, a low window or a space of storage. The fence will be composed of reinforced and perforated sheet metal, covered with children´s drawings, to be made in link with the teachers.

Location: Paris, France ● Client: Régie Immoblière de la Ville de Paris ● Team: Archikubik, Franck Boutté Consultants, BERIM ● Program: 2 nurseries for 68 child + 26 dwellings ● Surface: 2.000m2 ● Phase: Finaliste Concours