Spain Pavilion Biennale de Venice 2016

Barcelona, Spain

In the former property where Antoni Gaudí built the Bellesguard Tower, a big water tank from the end of the 19th century buried under a pine forest, has recently been discovered.

The project consists in preserving it in order to create a space open to the public, maintaining the magic of this underground water tank and the architectural rhythm created by the Catalan vaults and arcs every 3.5m.

The access by the Bellesguard street opens on a levelled public square which gets narrower towards the entrance of the water tank space. This new square restores in the district a new public identity.

Connections and visual relations with the Bellesguard Tower are created through the materiality of the big concrete walls which become integrated organoleptically with the pine forest overhead.

This new square, private-shared space (pss), which function is to serve as entrance hall for the reservoir, works as an urban activator thanks to the introduction, in the program, of a bar that ensures the articulation between the main entrance and the public garden.

Inside the water tower, floors and walls have been covered with wooden fabrics, vaults and arcs have been restored, emphasizing a space with a unique morphology and an atypical acoustics. This gives the city the opportunity to offer a different cultural experience.

Place: Barcelona, Spain • Client: Barcelona Cityhall • Team: Architects Urbanists: Archikubik • BET structure:  ESKUBI TURRÒ • Engineering:  ATRES80 • Economist: Belart • Program: Music Cultural Centre • Surface: 958.30 m2 • Budget: 12M • Phase: Delivered in 2015

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