FAD International Award 2015

253 homes, social residence for young workers of 183 studios, public equipment, creation of a pedestrian street and a shared urban garden.

Ivry-sur-Seine, France

The urban objective is to revitalise and reassess the Quartier Parisien, which is disconnected from the rest of the city of Ivry-sur-Seine. The project operates as an urban stitch between the group of collective housing buildings located in the north, and the network of individual houses in the south. This painstaking project preserves the spirit of the area around the detached houses, and at the same time proposes a reflection on urban density and compaction.

A study of the lines of force in the area allows us to create permeability inside the plot of land and avoid the strengthening of the façade, as mentioned in the local urban development plan. The introduction of buildings along Rue Carnot provides a series of urban windows that connect the neighbourhood to the Parisian cemetery and thereby take advantage of its condition as a green lung.

Having reached agreements with the town planners and the residents of the city, we suggested the creation of a public space inside the plot of land, which would be organised around a square, an E-W pedestrian street and a N-S alley. These new spaces, structured at an urban and a human scale, establish a link with the bordering town of Le Kremlin Bicêtre to the north, and connect the districts west of Ivry-sur-Seine to the Quartier Parisien. Public space thus becomes the driving force behind urban revaluation.

Beside the square a communal garden will be created to promote social cohesion between old and new residents. In the bosom of private co-properties, huge green belts and participatory private spaces are an interface that favours permeability to created public space.

Development : Altarea Cogedim, La Sabliere, Expansiel Promotion, Valophis Habitat, Ville et Vie, Ville d´Ivry sur Seine. ● Architecture and Urbanism : Archikubik ● Construction : IC2I + Archikubik ● Economics : IC2I – MEBI ● Engineering : EPDC ● Landscape : Compagnie du Paysage ● Program : 320 houses of which 116 are social, a social residence for active young people of 183 beds, 160m2 of public facilities, neighbourhood common room. Creation of a public road closed to traffic, a square and a shared urban garden 2,370m2 (18% of the operation surface). ● Surface : 23.270 m2 ● Budget : 32.500.000 euros ● Phase : First phase delivered June 2015, Second phase delivered September 2016.

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