111 housings and commercial premises

Clichy-Batignolles, Paris, France

From the block to the revisited suburban house: « the vertical urban houses »

The project particularly addresses the issue of scale by providing a morphology of little and separated buildings, just like the sparse tissue of the Boulay street´s surrounding blocks. In all building typologies, one systematically finds direct entrances to the housing cells either from a garden or from a “suspended-street”. In those buildings the common circulation – open to the landscape in the form of a walkway or of a large and open hall – is going to link the different building bodies, therefore implementing the idea of the daily route as a pleasing and reassuring movement, favoring the social cohesion of the residents.

This bias enables us to have 99% of the housings ventilated with double or triple orientation, and to work on the circulations as many life paths, pleasant and naturally enlightened.

Private-shared space (PSS)

To support this thinking the project offers, within the ground floor´s garden, a private-shared space: an orchard dedicated to all the residents of the block.

We also offer a space of direct connection on R+1, enabling the inhabitants to have a common space dedicated to urban permaculture and to favor their participation into activities at the very heart of the block.

The concepts of domesticity and appropriation are the founding principles of the bias; in our view it seems necessary, in the housings, to generate an attachment to the place, to federate a “sense of belonging”, in order to encourage a better social between the residents.

Location: Clichy-Batignolles, France ● Cient: ICF La Sabliere ● Teams : Archikubik, MTR Bâtiment, Franck Boutté, Berim, IC2I ● Program : 111 housings and activities premises ● Surface : 7738,65 m2 ● Phase : Finaliste concours