32 hotel apartments, 1 shop and 35 parking lots

Barcelona, Spain

Located in the historical quarter of Sants, a neighbourhood shaped by a network of narrow streets and five-storey buildings between Avinguda Diagonal and Montjuic, this building stands as a urban stitch between the historic district and Passeig de Sant Antoni that measures fifty metres in width. Close to Sants Central Station, it benefits from a strategic site position and creates a lighthouse in the urban landscape. Our project transforms the linear structure measuring seventy metres along the boulevard, which was recommended by the Town Plan, into a tower with a ten-storey square ground plan, liberating at ground level the space needed to build a ramp, a staircase and a square.

The Town Plan has since been repealed. A fold in the façade, from the second to the tenth storey, creates exterior spaces for each individual apartment and, at the same time, acts as passive solar protection. The building is supported by V-shaped pillars on the first floor and boasts a covered communal terrace and a meeting space for its dwellers.

The tower is the first housing building in Barcelona to be conceived as a structure made up of independent springs that cushion the vibrations caused by the underground trains.

Location: Barcelona, Spain ● Development: SAPIC ● Team : Structure Eskubi – Turro Arquitectes; Engineering PGI; Economist GQS ● Program: 32 hotel apartments; 1 commercial space and 35 parking spaces ● Surface : 5.100m2 ● Budget : 4.300.000 euros – Certification HQE  ● Delivered: 2009

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