41 social housings, 314 housings, young police officer’s residency, 394 parking lots, activities

Evry, France

This is a project to restructure an entire block in the neighborhood of the Evry Town Hall, in the Centre ZAC area, and contemplates the construction of 355 homes and car parks in a district experiencing a wave of urban transformation involving the building of several adjoining blocks.

The South in the North

The purpose of restructuring the buildings on this block is to gain more natural light for the homes. A sunny communal area complements the density and compactness of the buildings. The gradation of heights in the ensemble, ranging from a human scale of three or four levels in the south to a denser urban scale that comprises up to sixteen different heights in the north, liberates undeveloped land and ensures good natural lighting.

The private-shared space (pss)

The proposal integrates the human vector and the time vector, and is dedicated to the quality of living and the appropriation of co-owned communal space to favour exchange and social cohesion. It will be called “private-shared space” (pss)

The Basement

The program does not include any trade or other activity on the ground floor, and few dwellings, therefore the block’s genetic blueprint consists of reflection on the basement. The car park that emerges from within the block enables a connection between the various buildings, thereby encouraging a homogeneous urban interpretation of the ensemble, which is enhanced by a large landscaped garden raised over the heart of the block. Building a car park in the basement is also a way of controlling the general expense of the undertaking.

Development: Cogedim Résidence.  ● Architects : Archikubik mandataires, DVVD, ECDM. ● Landscape: RAPHIA ● Engineers: COTEC ● Fire Engineers: BET CASSIO ● Technical Architect: BTP Consultants ● Program: 41 Social housing units, Résidence de Jeunes Policiers (VEFA at SNI), 314 Housing units and 394 parking lots. ● Surface: 25.288m2 ● Budget: 18.089.000 euros (Archikubik : parking + D1, D2 et C) ● Phase : 1st Phase delivered Mars 2016, 2nd Phase delivered december 2016, 3rd construction phase PCM.

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