Rehabilitation of the Logis Transports´ headquarters

Paris, France

The Logis-Transport company´s headquarters, RATP group, is to be built in the middle of a block, between two R+9 housing buildings, in the background of the Haussmannian front line. The plot´s linear composition is a unique opportunity for us to establish a building that is entirely facing South, opening to the Drebrousse Garden, which is a protected wooded area. The urban bias is to create a low-size and compact building, with a fault following up the entrance, a visual breakthrough which will be the transparent vertebral column of the project, serving as a pivot between the two volumes that can work together or independently thanks to a common hall.

The project intends to communicate a message of frugality and strong solidarity, based on the circular economy´s concepts, the CradletoCradle. For this purpose, the existing structure of the building as well as the floorings are conserved and reinforced in order to host the new headquarters ´extension made of a wooden structure and wooden floors with a screed. This light structure is easy to dismantle, to transport, to transform and comes on top of the existing underground car park.

This is a new example of the Plug & Play city. Moreover, the comestible and domestic gardens settled for the workers on certain terraces, the aquaponics-permaculture on the roofs, the gourmand walls inside the working plateau, testify of the will to implement a productive landscape.

In order to support the architecture/nature couple, the building´s facades will be covered with a skin made of thin pre-cleared wooden slivers (thought to preserve the longevity and the homogenization of wood over the years) as a direct metaphor of the trees´ branches and the surrounding nature. They will be productive, dynamic and active – production of renewable energies, black waters´ algae treatment enabling them to be reintegrated the WC circuit, kitchens, green spaces irrigation and maintenance of the aquaponics’ pools – therefore creating a complete water-cycle.

Paris, France • Archikubik, Paysagiste • Wagon-Landscaping, BET Généralistes • EPDC, BET HQE: IETI, BET, MEBI •  Restructuration et extension du siège de Logis-Transports existant • 2313 m2 SDP •  7.166.000 € HT