Hostel and student accomodations

Paris, France

This project intends to act as an urban stitch, reconciling the quality of the neighbourhood environment and the severity of the peripheral boulevard, and thereby structuring the territory on an urban scale. How can this urban connection, with its long façade giving on to the edge of a major road, a technical wall that produces energy and acts as a phonic barrier, solve the problem of the various urban levels?

The project for an International Residence aspires both to foster cohesion between residents and the local population and to increase the value of public space. This explains the need to embed the project physically in space, ensuring it engages in dialogue with its immediate surroundings and the city as a whole, thereby becoming a relational building that will act as a transition between the human and the urban, a lighthouse in the metropolitan landscape. The comb-building will be articulated by a street-cum-footbridge, the backbone of the project to the south, welcoming buildings at different levels ranging from two to nine. This overhanging street will favour the use of the central volumes so that all the rooms have a double N-S orientation.

Situation : Paris ZAC Bédier ● Development : SA HLM Athénée ● Team : ARCHIKUBIK – Structure BOMA Engineering BETHAC Economist TOHIER Environmental engineering Frank Boutté ● Program : Spce – center that promotes social cohesion among the populations through the revitalization of public spaces. ● Surface : 11.909,68 m2 ● Budget : 18.828.000 euros