MOULIN VERT ○ Vitry-sur-Seine

101 housings, 43 social housings, parking lots

Vitry-sur-Seine, France

Our intervention in the Moulin Vert area intends to emphasise the entrance to the town, creating a city door for Vitry through a careful volumetric analysis.

The study of lines of force—the diversity of existing volumes, alignments and densities—is followed by the permeabilisation of the exterior of the block, in order to avoid the hardness of the façade. Urban stitching allowed us to preserve the local character of single-family homes, extending the reverberation of existing buildings and reflecting on urban intensity. The density and compactness within the block emphasise the complex creation of an interior green public space. The paths leading to the buildings inside the block strive to reinforce the green belt, creating a pleasant stroll through the ensemble.

The single-family homes reinterpreted along Rue Moulin Vert form a relational building, with a street-cum-balcony opening on to the interior of the block that grants access to the dwellings, creating a connecting space that favours cohesion and exchange between residents.
85% of the dwellings have a double orientation.

Situation : Vitry-sur-Seine ● Development : BOUYGUES IMMOBILIER ● Team : ARCHIKUBIK ● Landscape : RAPHIA ● Structure: BUCHET ● Engineering : SETECBA ● Environment and Thermal: IETI / EPDC ● Acoustic engineering : ACOUSTIQUE&CONSEIL ● Civil engineering : SEMAF ● Program : 144 housing 175 parking spaces ● Surface : 9.615,07 m2 ● Budget : 12.990.000€