L´ÂME D´EAU ○ Paris 17ème

Offices, shops, cultural equipment, nursery: 13800m2

Paris, France

L’âme d’eau is the result of a collaborative work between a multidisciplinary team and the inhabitants of the Paris 17th, the associations, the environmental circular economy actors, within the framework of the contest Réinventer.Paris.

L’âme d’eau is willing to stand as a project that demonstrates new practices and uses in building the e-Polis – the city in transition, where the human becomes a stakeholder in the act of building, as a resident, as a user, but also as a prosumer who has the right to produce and participate to the decision processes, in the middle of an open and cross-disciplinary ecosystem of experts. The project hosts the public space at its heart with La Place, a private participatory space, the center of the whole organism`s vital functions.

The concept of domesticity will be at the heart of the system, within the typology of spaces as well as in the services offered by the building and the façade, the interface between l’âme d’eau and the neighborhood. Its facades carry a message, because l’âme d’eau is a building that educates.

The northern façade, on the Boulevard Périphérique, communicates about the energy produced by the water billow that flows on the façade from the roof. The facades facing the street, resulting from the core architecture, are covered with an organic skin (urban agriculture), a technological skin (algae biomass producers and photovoltaic cells), and with some elements of the dynamic skin (tilting balconies, pivoting meeting rooms, extendable meeting rooms).

The incorporation of the time vector makes the project reversible – the whole floor, today made of offices, could become a housing plan tomorrow. The thinking on the very typology of spaces is tied to this concept. L’âme d’eau offers Bureaux Nomades (nomad offices), coworking spaces, and also some spaces of contact, these new typologies of meeting spaces allowing to work differently.

Location: Paris, France ● Development: Sogeprom ● Team: Archikubik, AIA IngénierieAIA Environnement, Schneider Electric,Mobilitis, Renault, BT Coworking ● Program: Mixed. Cultural equipment, offices ● Surface: 13.800m2 ● International reinventer.paris Competition Finalist

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