LANDSCAPES ○ Vitry-sur-Seine

67 housing units. 4.338m2

Vitry-sur-Seine, France

This housing project is part of the urban operation ZAC Rouget de Lisle, in the town of Vitry-sur-Seine in the Val de Marne. The Lot Bb foresees the construction of 28 collective housing units for accession in addition to a basement level, intended for housing ’s parking. The Lot C1b foresees the construction of 31 collective dwellings and 8 revisited terraced houses, for a total of 39 dwellings on accession.

The Island C1b adjoins Avenue Rouget de Lisle, the existing urban fabric, the pedestrian walk and the lot C1a adjoining.

The island C1b has a favorable solar orientation from south-east to south-west, which corresponds to privileged views towards the Parc des Lilas in the west and towards the Seine’s basin in the east. The living rooms and balconies of the collective housing will be located as much as possible on these East and West façades.

The volumetry defines a withdrawal from the R + 6 and allows to create an accessible terrace along the entire length of the south-east and south-west facades of the building C1b collective.

The terraced houses with lower morphologies in R + 2 all have a double orientation with balconies located on the Southeast facade thus benefiting from a maximum of solar input during the day.

Open-air green spaces will be used as contemplative gardens and will be treated by a landscaped project.

Private participative spaces (PPS) will be located in R + 7 + Attic of the building C1b collective and it will allow easy and controlled access to all residents. These PPS are divided into two types:  interior and exterior. The outdoor PPS is treated as a rooftop with a permaculture space dedicated to the inhabitants, thus having an excellent solar exposure for the plantations.

Location : Vitry-sur-Seine, France ● Client: Emerige Résidentiel ● Architects: Archikubik ● BET TCE: EPDC ● Landscaping: La Compagnie du Paysage ● Program: 28 et 39 dwellings of which 8 revisited terraced houses and parkings ● Surface SDP: 1757 m2 (lot Bb) et 2581 m2 (lot C1b) ● Phase: under construction