PINK GARDEN ○ Montpellier

31 housing units, 3 social housing units, 22 free housing units

Montpellier, France

The block is located in sector 1 of the ZAC Port Marianne – Parc Marianne expension in Montpellier. The town-planning proposal consists of tackling, at the same time, the metropolitan, the urban and the human scales.

On a metropolitan scale, the morphology of this building is a reinterpretation of the volumes desired for the ZAC. The operational principle suggested is that of piled boxes that alter the general scale of the building by granting it a new urban order. The permeability of the base between the public space (ps) of the street and the private participatory space (pps) of the interior of the block visually connects the street outside to the garden inside, establishing a dialogue on an urban scale.

Finally, the human scale is reflected in the work on the private participatory space (pps) included in the project. The entrance hall to the building welcomes a communal exercise room and a children’s playground, spaces of contact that favour social cohesion and exchange between residents.

Today’s profound economic and social mutations are supported by the new tools of the digital age and require new housing typologies. The ‘extra spaces’ located at each end of the shared circulation areas are innovative life spaces that embrace the reconfiguration of a family over the course of time. The needs of recomposed or single-parent families, of telecommuting or of the occasional care of someone close are factors that favour the appearance of these small noble spaces that measure 8 square metres and yet are large enough to welcome a wide range of personal trajectories.

Situation : Montpellier ● Development : KAUFMAN ET BROAD ● Team : ARCHIKUBIK ● Structure : PER Ingénierie ● Engineering : Duran ● Program : 31 housing (3 social, 6 Pass foncier and 22 free) ● Surface : 2.330 m2 ● Budget : 2.931.430 euros