PLACE D´ITALIE ○ Paris 13ème

Concours Réinventer.Paris

Offices, Shops, Hotel, PLS accommodation, Entertainment: 13900m2

Paris, France

TO REINVENT THE CITY ON THE CITY: To act on the city that is already built and inhabited, to make denser a site while it is already dense… What kind of added value can we look for? In revitalizing the leftovers, the project is defined as an intense editorialized space that reinvents the leisure for all and the CO-LIVING: inhabitants, shopping mall, shops, walkers, strollers, and workers.

As a stakeholder in a win-win process of great social-political-environmental value, the positioning is therefore glocal, inscribing the building in a virtuous cycle which is simultaneously productive, cultural and artistic. This process relies on a DNA of mutualization for all car parks and energetic resources.

Plus, with the creation of stairs, an elevator for the residents and a digital concierge`s lodge for all.

The creation of a relational building, capable to galvanize and reactivate the public space (ps) at the score of zero, but also capable to create a public space in elevation, which is the cornerstone of the project, thanks to a transdisciplinary bridging program enabling the animation of the building 24/7/365.

The building`s establishment, in the background of the shopping mall façade, is willing to act as an urban stitch and to value the public space (ps).This configuration also enables to create easy accesses for the residents and a decent entrance for the shopping mall.

Paris 13eme arrondisement,France ● Maître d’Ouvrage: Bouygues Immobilier ● Équipe: Archikubik, RRC Architectes, Artelia, Ateec, Terrel, Berim, Franck Boutté Consultants, Fing, Common Good Factory, Yesday, MyPopUpStore, Schneider Electric, Poste Immo, Sogaris ● Programme: Commerces, Bureaux, Hôtel, Logements PLS, Divertissement, Espace accessible au public, Terrasses végétalisées ● SDP: 13 900 m2 ● Concours international