QUAI AUX GRAINS ○ Ivry-sur-Seine

78 social housings, 96 housings, 170 parking lots, outdoor spaces

Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Situated in Ivry Confluences, which is currently experiencing an urban mutation, this project relocates several industrial plots including La Minoterie, that is preserved, and the former SNFA factory. Our studies of its traces of history (time interpreted), those of its present urban context (the present time) and those of its future programming (planned time) have revealed the need to bring urban reflection down to neighbourhood scale.

This form of analysis has brought to light a number of lines of force that will structure the urban design, thus giving rise to the linear square, an exclusively pedestrian feature at the heart of the block that consolidates the founding principle of the ZAC urban project—the creation of a system of ‘networked parks’. In this ductile public passage, the square expands and offers a range of spatial qualities and a variety of uses in public space (ps).

Rue Petits Hôtels is extended towards the interior, crossing the block. The semi-sunken car park generates an operational landscape that engages in dialogue with the topography of the place. A movable-ramp that is at once a bench and a lookout point opens on to the communal gardens.

Our analysis of existing space led us to suggest a densification system for the block’s courtyard, while the volumes over Boulevard de Brandebourg and Rue Pierre-Rigaud extend existing buildings. This process projects domestic silhouettes over the street and expresses a kinder urban logic. The alignment on two axes is continuous.

Situation : Ivry-sur-Seine, France ● Development : Brémond ● Team : ARCHIKUBIK Urban architects coordination, BCA Architectes PLAYTIME Architecture BET structure, fluide et Economiste SNC Lavalin; BET HQE ExNDO; ● Program: Urban reform project, 78 social housing, 96 free housing, parking with 170 places, shops, kindergarten, offices and a square ● Surface : 14.000m2 ● Budget : 18.240.000 euros