Evry, France

From the current functioning of the existing school, we have been working on the idea of creating an “educational” building, that is to say, a building that can be explained to the pupils from an environmental perspective in each part of its spatial configurations and of its functioning. We believe this has to be the true mission of architects today: being able to offer architectural solutions which encourage the dialogue between nature and the building, without being scared to see its building mainly explained from this perspective. Besides, we think awareness should be raised among the youngest, especially towards energetic and environmental issues. To show the educational building itself as an example of balance and respect – this same building that accompany them from their very first years of school, which are so important in their education – would be highly positive. Therefore, it would be a true a pleasure to come and explain the functioning of the school to the pupils, in order to make them understand architecture as a discipline that can be useful for the society while being respectful towards nature.

Lieu : Ris Orangis ● Maître d’ouvrage : Ville de Ris Orangis ● Équipe : ARCHIKUBIK – BET Structure BOMA BET Fluide-Thermique BETHAC Economiste TOHIER ● Programme : Extension et restructuration de l’école du centre ● Surface SDP : 4.292,10 m2 ● Total Coût TTC : 6.380.000 euros