23 collective housing, 56 intermediate housing et 12 terraced houses

Saint Ouen l’Aumône, France

Delimited by the wood of the Samaritan and the Blanche de Castille basin with high environmental value, in the district of Liesse, this new sensitive urban intervention seeks to blend in the great landscape without generating sensation of high density. The greatest possible separation between the buildings was sought to promote the appearance of visual breakthroughs towards the woods and the basin as well as to maximize the available sunlight and the views for each of the dwellings.

A front built along the avenue Adolphe Chauvin will anchor the project in the neighborhood with a decreasing gradation of built heights towards the pool. The density of the collective building at the top of the avenue is part of the transition with the neighborhood. Intermediate buildings take over at the bottom of the avenue and inside the block, finally, the individual houses sensitively configure the bottom of the plot at the edge of the woods.

In this sector of individual houses, we chose to work on the roofs, as an identity sign of the project, that we have revisited and reinterpreted in a contemporary way by moving the ridge line randomly, thus configuring a strong visual element of the facade. The color of the tiles, that of the plaster and frames will be the one of the existing color palette of the neighbors, which will help us to compose a mosaic related to the neighborhood Liesse I

Location: Saint Ouen l’Aumône, France • Client: COGEDIM • Team: Architects Urbanists: Archikubik • BET structure / fluids: MCH • BET VRD: EVA • Landscaping: Gil Primard • Program: 23 collective housing, 56 intermediate housing et 12 terraced houses • Surface: Plate: 12.839m2, SDP : 6.061m2, Landscaped areas: 10.920m2 • Budget: 8.070.000 euros, Ratio: 629euros/m2 • Phase: 2017 PC

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