Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Located at the gates of Paris and of large operations of development, the aim is to define the sector´s evolution at different scales and to guarantee the coherence between the different projects.


  • To create a city more pleasant to live in, and to progressively renew the neighborhood (with the creation of housings, new activities´ typologies, quality public spaces)
  • To include some large urban services (factories, garages, activities)
  • To develop the economic complementarities with Paris
  • To open the city on the river (river walk, opening hours over those of the harbor, delete the walkway and insert the port traffic)
  • To develop the green frame
  • To improve the streets´ amenity thanks to the gathering of the services and the creation of shops within the blocks)

Ivry Port Nord is currently an area of activity between two developing sectors, the ZAC Massena-Bruneseau and the ZAC Ivry Confuences.

Its future currently consists in overcoming its past (that could be resume as an opportuning logic of economic development through big entities) and of its future trend (the normalization of this centrally located neighborhood that the public transportations´ extension makes more attractive, yet without existing for itself). We propose to tackle the main planning orientations of the project as a programmatic constant: the creation of new public spaces, the reactivation of the blinded platforms of each building, the rehabilitation of existing activities and the promotion mixed-uses.

In order to densify while preserving the existing activities and in order to pacify and develop the urban connections, it is also necessary to ensure a mutualisation of both the entries of vehicles and the car parks.

A neighborhood located in the middle of two major developing areas in Paris, suggesting that:

  • It cannot be reduced to the metropole´s backyard
  • An evolution of the mindsets and of the lifestyles is needed
  • There is a strategic will for the economic development
  • There is a political and urban will to recycle the city while preserving existing activities

The study projects a renewal of the sector both for public spaces and urban program based on the concept of urban intensity: density, compactness and complexity.

Ivry-sur-Seine, France ● Maître d’ouvrage: Ville d’ Ivry-sur-Seine ● Équipe: Archikubik, Espinas Tarrasó, Ville Hybride, Franck Boutté Consultants, Espaces & Projets, CDVIA, EPDC ● Programme : Urbanisme_ Logement, commerce, activité, bureau ● Surface SDP 242.000m2