TRIANGLE EOLE ○ Paris 19ème

Finalist in international competition 'Reinventer. Paris'

Services, shops, activities, accommodations and presentations of public space.

Paris, France

The site of EOLE Evangile Triangle, placed in the heart of urban, economic and sociologic mutation of Parisian north-east, is placed in the crossroad of a railways hyper-innervation. The place is a triangular shape formed by the train network coming from the east and the Petite Ceinture, a circular surrounding light train that is partially and exceptionally working in this part of the city.

One of the biggest complications of the project consists on managing the strong gap between Aubervilliers street and the space in front of Rosa Parks train station, in a lower position. Along the one of the sides of Triangle Eole, the light train railway elevates slowly until it becomes a wall of almost 4 m high from the entry of the train station.

Our project: consists on taking advantage of these complexities in order to create an evolutive topographic ecosystem, where the time vector is the DNA of the project.

Relational and reversible buildings: Which needs of a very fine programming for the street level: continuity of floorplans, reversibility and new uses.

Skylands: All the rooftops are productive and regenerative

A body-architecture: Every building is capable of evolving with time

Standarisation of how-to: In order to introduce this notion of use reversibility and extension through time.

Circular economy: This objective goes through new building processes and the re-use of prefab systems that integrate possible dismantling. The façade is thought as a stitching strategy as a ceramic tissue which bricks will be made with left clays and soils from the Grand Paris operations.

New typologies: Evolving housing is proposed for social needs.

Customisation: Giving the possibility to users to own their building and personalize it.

Development : Groupe Brémond – Colony Capital- Groupe RATP- Courtoisie Urbaine-Creative Valley- Emmaüs- Fondation Abbé Pierre. ● Architecture and urbanism : Archikubik ● Public space : Archikubik + TER ● BET HQE : Elioth ● BET general : AIA Ingenierie ● Architects : Julian Beller, Sonia Cortesse, Raphaël Ménard ● Sociologist : Michael Silly ● Permaculture : Toit Tout Verd ● Culture : Jean Blaise, Le Polau, le 6B ● Program : Services, shops, activities, work spaces, housing, permaculture and public spaces. ● Surface : 34.615m2 ● Phase : Finalist second phase International Competition.

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