ZAC BALZAC BLOCK ○ Vitry-sur-Seine

Operation Balzac Touraine Marroniers

Vitry-sur-Seine, France

By relying on the clear will of the Balzac, Touraine, Marronniers neighborhood Urban Renewal Plan, to preserve the strips of land along the streets` supports, in order to stitch this new neighborhood with all the surrounding suburbs, we will work on a “extreme logic” offer. This is based on the idea of giving the residents the opportunity to have the perception that, they too are living in an individual housing and not a collective one. For this purpose, the project intends to systematize, in all the typologies of accession buildings, the direct entrances from outside for each housing cell, from a garden or from a terrace. Whatever it is in plots DD´ buildings or in plots A-A´ buildings, the common circulation will relies on a walkway – or on the great open hall – that will open to the landscape and that will link the two blocks. It will implement the idea of everyday life seen as trajectories, with 90% of the housings that will be ventilated by a double-orientation (or traversants).

The concept of domesticity… What if my terrace was my orchard?

With this outdoor route basis, we will access most houses through a private garden or a “terrace-garden” that will include a high percentage of its surface covered with window boxes of 50cm topsoil.

In the plot AA´ building, when implementing a “terrace-garden” access is not possible, as it is the case in most R+1 and R+2 housings, we offer a common terrace (on the same floor or on another one) that enables the residents to have a common space dedicated to urban permaculture.

In the DD´ buildings, the roofs will be used to this end, in a collaborative manner.

Lieu : Vitry-sur-Seine, France ● Maître d’ouvrage : Nacarat ● Equipe : Archikubik Mandataire, Compact Architectes BET CET; BET Franck Boutté Consultants; ● Programme : Concours 107 Logements, 46 en accession et 61 locatifs ● Surface SDP : 7.193m2 ● Coût HT : 8.541.687euros.