ZAC DU COTEAU ○ Montpellier

1500 housings, shops, activities, public space

Montpellier, France

The project is made of four microclimate regulatory ecosystems and each includes in the midst of its urban metabolism, an intern domestic logic of servicing. On the one hand, this logic was thought for the access to housings and parking, for the management of waste, and of security accesses. On the other hand, they have their own management logic of energies, water cycle, comestible green, ground floor activities and locals to rent as private shared space.

The mixed-morphologies of the building´s four ecosystems enable to settle a real mixing of typologies, including the ways of living, and to implement the concept of open code urbanism, capable to stretch over the time while preserving its environmental and social values.

The way they are settled allow to manage the unbuilt space around the park. They act as the social regard on the neighborhood, in a natural and spontaneous manner.

The landscape as infrastructure is fundamental in this 26 hectares´ site, it is remarkable for at least three major assets. It is nowadays essentially occupied with clumps of trees and with vast prairies of spontaneous indigenous flora. Once vineyards and wheat fields which were part of the agricultural domain of the surrounding Mas, there are only six remaining today. The Domaine de Malbosc, producing wine South West and the Mas du Coteau at North. At East, the Domaine de Lussac was transformed into residences and offices. Finally, the Mas Bourquereau and the Mas Caussignac are located outside the Zac du Coteau´s perimeter but still constitute the structure of its near horizon. This unique site is very calm, even though it is close to the D65, the road that encircles it from South and West.

It is also about compacting the building, to create urbanity and to preserve the natural spaces, in order to implement the 21st century´s city, the organoleptic city that includes the concepts of sensitivity, sensuality, solidarity, livability, accessibility, playfulness, resilience and integration.

Lieu : Montpellier, France ● Maître d’ouvrage: Société d’Aménagement de Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole ● Équipe: Archikubik, ELIOTH, MOSBACH PAYSAGISTES, LATERAL THINKING FACTORY CONSULTING ● Programme : 1.458 logements + 1.802 places du parking ● Surface SDP : 96.111m2 ● Finaliste Concours International