Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Since 2007, the project concerning the ZAC Gagarine Truillot located in Ivry-sur-Seine is at the center of a reflection’s work and represents the fruit of interaction’s axes. Its urban position is strategic, connecting the city center, the RER C station, and Charles Foix hospital. It is part of an overall project selected under the urban renewal program of regional interest.

Very largely dedicated to the Professional Urban Agriculture, it will be based on Co-creation and Circular Economy to develop the 167.000m2 of surface of its mixed program. A non-felt density will be sought by applying the concept of Urban Intensity, the principle of “Pointillist” Urbanism linked to that of the Calm City, and by creating emergences to liberate the maximum of ground, in order to make the principle of Living as Infrastructure real. Thanks to the Visual Breakthroughs offered by the “Pointillist” Urbanism, the public landscape will be enriched by the one deprived in the hearts of the islets, creating continuities and dialogues.

Thus, the Scale 1/ which places the human at the center of the reflection, and the HQE (high quality environment) sensible social and cultural, will create an eco-district where the social and functional mixtures will animate the public space. This Agrocity, will be a Nourishing Town producing at km 0 and registering Ivry-sur-Seine in a dynamic, answering the needs resulting from the growth of the urban populations.

Location: Ivry-sur-Seine • Client: GPA. EPA ORSA Urban coordinator:  Archikubik • Landscaping:  La Compagnie du Paysage  •  BET Bioclimatic: Franck Boutté Consultants • BET Generalist: EPDC • BET Sanitation: Prolog Ingénierie • BET Acoustic: Altia • Sociologist: Ville Hybride • Program: housing units, offices/activities, shops, equipments and public spaces • Surface: 167.000 m2

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