ZAC ROUGET DE LISLE ○ Vitry-sur-Seine

Awards Futurs Possibles 2014
Eco-Quartier Label 2017

Vitry-sur-Seine, France

Vitry-sur-Seine appears as a city severed in two by the RD5. At the same time, it is a city made up of different centres with differentiated uses. The third element that helps explain the city is the existence of an E-W topography characterised by the hills, the view that runs down from them towards the valley of the Seine and the proximity of the Parc des Lilas.

Our analysis reveals an operational principle structured into an urban stitch that consists in considering the urban wound produced by the national roadway as an opportunity. Its reassessment as an urban boulevard has enabled us to introduce the concept of ductile public space, a sequential public space that is porous and characterised by transversal plant connections that come from the hills and will be worked as eco-connectors: the plant connection acts as an infrastructure that articulates the territory.

Committed to the human capital we are recreating a new centre, restructuring the territory at a scale that is kinder, more sensitive and domestic, inspired by the existing environment and capable of giving a human dimension to a twenty-first century city: the organoleptic city that develops inhabitable spaces.

This project has increased public space by ten per cent.

Location : Vitry-sur-Seine ● Development : VILLE DE VITRY ● Team : ARCHIKUBIK – Architects coordinators ZAC ● Planning public spaces : BERIM-RICHEZ ASSOCIES-SECTEUR ● Environmental engineering LESENR ● Consultancy CABINET SCURE ● Topography TECHNIQUES TOPO ● Programme : Housing, activities, shops and public facilities ● Surface : 136.000 m2

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