Conferencia de Miquel Lacasta en el Congreso Architecture World, en Colonia (Alemania)

El miércoles 24 de octubre, Miquel Lacasta dará una conferencia titulada « Plural Innovations in Architecture », en el marco del Congreso Architecture World que tendrá lugar en Colonia (Alemania).

Este congreso  entra en el marco de Orgatec, feria líder internacional para el equipamiento y el material de oficinas y de propiedad, la más importante de Europa.

La conferencia será dada en inglés:

“Architecture must go beyond the limits not only of disciplinary tradition, but also of the aspirational framework it circumscribes to, whether aesthetic or technical, to revolve around its centre of gravity – the city and its citizens – in a radical new way. In this sense, innovation is the fundamental vector to create an overflow and expansion in architecture. Having said that, it is important to know how to interpret and understand the idea of innovation from an open and pluralistic perspective, and not from the narrow mental window of closed disciplines.
For this reason, the proposal of Archikubik aims to lay the groundwork for a definition of the innovation vector as mentioned earlier; and in doing so reaffirming the first principle in the concept of innovation: plurality.
In order to truly innovate, it is necessary to open up to a reality that is both bastard and culturally ambiguous by definition, capturing the accelerated pace of modern times and moving the target of our ideas forward, without losing sight of the advances achieved.  That is why expanding architecture can and should be done from a basis of plurality.”

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